Victory for Slyers Lane campaigners

Great news. West Dorset District Council's development control committee today rejected the plan to erect six giant turbines on the outskirts of Dorchester. Councillors voted 6-3 against the application submitted by Broadview Energy.

Ian Gosling, who chairs the Slyers Lane campaign group said it was terrific news for Dorchester and West Dorset. And he thanked campaigners for many months of hard work and planning.

Please give us your support

Please come and support your team of speakers at the meeting of West Dorset District Council’s Planning Committee next Thursday 28th January to consider Broadview energy’s application. The meeting will start at 10.00 in the Council Offices in South Walks.

The more numerous we are the more our councillors will listen to our arguments!

The future of the project is in your hands………

Ian Gosling

Make your voice heard at Slyers Lane hearing!



A special meeting of West Dorset District Council’s Planning Committee is to be held on 28th January to consider Broadview Energy Limited’s application for planning consent to construct six 115 metre high industrial wind turbines at Slyers’ Lane.

Please mark 28th JANUARY in your diaries and come and support us on the day.

Broadview and their acolytes in the Pro-wind Lobby will attempt to pack out the meeting and to sway the councillors on the Committee with emotional arguments about saving the planet. In particular, they will argue that following the failure of the turbine projects in Tolpuddle and Winterborne Whitechurch, W.D.D.C. is duty bound to authorise the application for Slyers Lane.

It is therefore critical that as many of our supporters as possible attend to show to our elected representatives on the Committee the strength of local opposition to the project. We must out number and out argue the proponents of the scheme.

In this context it would be dangerous to assume that the Slyers’ Lane project will also be refused. We need to convince the councillors on the day.

Everybody who wrote to W.D.D.C. objecting to the project will be entitled to address the meeting of the Committee for a maximum of three minutes on condition of giving prior notice. We will inform you as soon as we know the time and venue of the meeting and of the procedure to be respected to give notice of your intention to speak.

We shall also be assisting our members who wish to speak by providing information and helping them to put together their contributions. We plan to ensure that our members concentrate on arguments which are relevant and will influence the Committee. The aim is to avoid contradictions and unnecessary repetitions.

Do not be shy, we will help you to ensure that your voice will be heard!

We are starting work immediately and will be available throughout the Christmas period.

If you wish to speak at the meeting on 28th January please contact us via the website or telephone Richard East at 01305 264724.

Meanwhile, my very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

Ian Gosling

How wind power distorts the energy marketplace

A well-argued piece in this week's The Economist acknowledges the merits of renewable energy but goes on to explain why more wind or solar power may not be a good thing. Food for thought as West Dorset planners prepare to take a decision on the Slyers Lane proposal at the end of January. Renewable power is good. More renewable power is not always better

Why the Government was correct in rejecting Navitus Bay

Writing in The Independent, Michael McCarthy argues that Navitus Bay was the right scheme in the wrong place. His warning about the risk of trashing the landscape, will ring true with many opponents of Broadview's plans for six giant turbines close to the centre of Dorchester. Click here for full article

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Spot the locations
These visualisations give an accurate impression of what the Charminster (Slyers Lane) wind farm will look like.

They were produced by leading specialists in the visualisation of wind energy proposals ARCHITECH who were appointed as digital visualisation consultants to The Highland Council in 2011

Can you guess where they are taken from ?
Click the
Visualisations page to see the full size versions.
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About us
No Slyers Lane Turbines is a group objecting to the development of six wind turbines just north of Dorchester, Dorset.

These industrial turbines will be 377ft tall and visible from as far away as Poole. They will tower over surrounding villages as well as the county town, and the iconic Poundbury development.

The wind farm is being proposed by private equity firm Broadview Energy.

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